Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gluten-Free Find: Wilton

Courtesy © Wilton Industries, Inc.
Once the holidays come around, you know it's time to get crafty. I used to work with all sorts of Wilton products before my allergies took over, so I decided to contact them and ask for a gluten-free list of their products. They were so kind in taking their time to get the list together, and here it is for me to share...

Sprinkles (Sugars, Jimmies, Nonpareils, Mixes, Shapes)
√ Gel Food Colors
Flavorings (Vanilla, Butter, Almond)
1 LB (White and Chocolate) and 4.5 LB Decorator Icings
Favor Candy (Mint Drops, Candy Sticks/Lollipops, Pillow Mints, Cut Rock, Pearls, Jellybeans, Bling Rings, Double Hearts, Doves, Wedding Bells, Conversation Hearts, and Jordan Almonds)
√ Color-A-Mouth Candy Kit

The indication of the Wilton® products listed as being gluten-free is based on 2011 formulations for such products.


  1. Thanks so much! My MIL has been working hard to compile a baking list (she loves to make cakes for special occasions) and has had some trouble with it! This will help so much!

  2. What an awesome list. So nice to know that Wilton has so many options.

  3. Great list. So nice of them to provide it and for you to share it.

  4. Thanks for sharing your find. When I learnt icing last year I did not know they have so many gluten free products.

  5. Thank You! This is awesome because I just started eating Gluten Free Products and it is superb. I think many should eat organic food because food without the pesticides and chemicals means healthy living in the long run. They are not bad for you at all. :)

  6. thank you for taking the time to do this; however, does this mean that if i bought this products previous to 2011 they are NOT gluten free??? please get back with me on this... i do gluten free baking and don't want to make anyone sick... i bought the gel frosting coloring and pearl dust earlier... thanks!

  7. Hi! I'm not entirely sure, but feel free to contact Wilton at info@wilton.com They will surely answer any questions or concerns you may have. Hope this helps! :)

  8. I have some Wilton Cake Release (Stock #702-6016) - was this the one they told you was GF? Thank you!!

  9. Thank you very much for getting this information and sharing it with us too! I am gluten sensitive, my aunt has celiac's and I am often hosting them for dinner, etc. I decorate cakes and usually make my cousin's son's cake and it must be gluten free--this is a timely find for me as I am starting his cake this week!!

  10. Everyone that is gluten intolerant should be aware that some of the products on the list are made in the same facility where they process gluten products. I just called them last week about their gold stars glitter and it is made in a facility that processes gluten. For those that don't have to worry about gluten cross-contamination, enjoy the rest!

  11. I just e-mailed Wilton for an updated list. Here it is, as of 5/19/14:

    Bake Easy! Pan Spray Cake Release
    Sprinkles (e.g., Sugars, Jimmies, Nonpareils, Mixes, Shapes)
    Icing Decorations
    Candy Melts
    Sugar Sheets
    Icing Colors
    Color Mist
    Candy Colors
    Candy Flavors
    Gel Food Colors
    Flavorings (e.g., Vanilla, Butter, Almond)
    Cookie Icings
    Sparkle Gels
    Decorating Gels (also called Ready-to-use Gel Tubes)
    Icing Writers
    Pearl Dust
    Gum Paste Mix
    RTU Gum Paste
    Color Flow
    Gum Tex
    Meringue Powder
    Piping Gel
    1 LB (White and Chocolate) and 4.5 LB Decorator Icings
    Buttercream Icing Mix
    Whipped Icing Mix
    Royal Icing Mix
    Dessert Designs
    Favor Candy (e.g., Mint Drops, Candy Sticks/Lollipops, Pillow Mints, Cut Rock, Pearls, Jellybeans, Bling Rings, Double Hearts, Doves, Sweet Hearts,
    Wedding Bells, Conversation Hearts, Jordan Almonds)
    Bracelet and Necklace Candy Kits
    Candy Ring Kits
    Color-A-Mouth Candy Kit
    Cake Sparkles
    Color Dust
    Food Writers
    Edible Glitter

    1. The only thing I worry about is that if you read on the Sparkle gels it says processed in a facility that has wheat, I am hoping it is not enough or they clean the machines to do anything...

  12. While the individual products may be gluten free or allergen free, the plant also produces other items that are not, thus cross contamination is still an issue for any one with a food intolerance.

  13. Just FYI, I just got off the phone with them (April 19, 2017), and they said they can no longer claim their products are gluten free as they are now using a new facility. Bad news :(